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why choose us

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  • Cause we are a Great team

Yes us! Caused I am not alone. It would be impossible making all this alone. I have surrounded myself with passionate and dedicated photographers and videographers and together we are able to deliver quality astonishing images. We are a big team and provide support to each other as we are all friends and forms part of the same big family of Photography lovers. I think this is an important part in this business, being able to help each other.


  • Personalized service

Each client is different and has its own vision and style. We are here to give a personalised approach to each project and client, whether it’s a wedding, corporate or other shooting style. we do take in consideration what are the clients’ expectations


  • Experience

Experience is surely something irreplaceable and is acquired through years of hard work. Some photo shoots are sometimes challenging, complicated and stressful but we love challengers. Our experience helps us to overcome them. Practice makes perfect! My team and I do have the required experience and practice.


  • Have fun

I do think that having fun is an important part too, both for us and our clients. It is important for me that the clients feel at their ease, relax and enjoy the session. The good feeling and positive atmosphere will be automatically reflected in the images.


  • Having the photographic eye

This means having the ability to see things is a unique artistic way. Being able to sublime the simplest thing, by getting the good angle, the right spot, the best idea to obtain the most creative image out of it. This doesn’t come overnight but with practice, experience and a lot of research.


  •  We are well equipped

Having good equipments but with no photographic eye is surely useless. But, if you have both and know how to use them, it will surely level up the quality of your work


  • The attention to details

The attention to details is often what will give this small ‘’plus’’ that’s makes all the difference.


  • Best Value for money

We are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest on the market but we offer the best value for money prices.


  • Innovating and constant learning

We are always innovating and improving our skills by discovering and learning new techniques and new technologies. Technology is constantly innovating in this domain, we thus have to be up-to-date with the latest technologies, softwares and techniques and learn to master them. We are thus constantly learning.

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