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Nicolas Michael Malachie


Who am I

I am a devoted step father of 3 kids and the man of a lovely lady. Being a nature and sea lover, I like to describe myself as a beach boy and adapt my lifestyle to this mode.


I am an energetic, fund, open minded, flexible and easy going person, but also responsible, hard worker, perfectionist, creative, with a critical thinking and an eye for details. I also believe in positive thinking, integrity and humanity. Good Leader I like to work in a team, as together we achieve further.


For all these to work well, I am convinced that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to success. To obtain this good life balance, I as much as I can try to exercise, eat healthy, meditate, and go out for some trip in nature.

The Passion for my job


Photography is for me more than a passion; it is a way of life. I try to always bring my camera with me where ever I go. I love to capture the beauty of the nature and the people surrounding us, from macrophotography to the magnificence of the Milky Way. Of course, photography being my job I do not limit me to these. I am specialised in wedding, honeymoon, portraiture, real estate, events, corporate, food and fashion photography.

  • Capturing special moments and emotions for people to remember and cherish.

  • Being able to freeze a special moment in time for them to last forever.

  • The smiles and tears of joy that people share with me when I deliver their photos.

All these things are what motivates me and made me fell in love with photography.



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